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70 staff stories to celebrate 70 years of the NHS


On Thursday 5 July 2018, the NHS - one of the nation’s most loved institutions - celebrated its 70th anniversary.

We are marking this special anniversary with seventy stories, told by the Trust’s amazing staff, about how their work makes the organisation one of the best performing teaching Trusts in the country.

The ‘70 years, 70 stories’ project is a celebration of advances in science and technology, told by staff who encompass its development and continue to progress and transform the NHS for future generations.

Seventy people, from porters and sterile service technicians to clinical scientists and the chief executive, have each recounted their experiences with their stories launched today (Thursday) to reflect the collaboration between all staff to deliver Newcastle Hospitals healthcare services.  

Andrew Pike, Head of Patient Experience during the project and the Trust’s Joint Project Lead, said: “We wanted to share with our staff, patients and families, insights into the wide a range of staff roles that all play a part in delivering patient care; their role, their motivation, their background or anything else they felt had shaped them and their role in providing care.  

“We decided the 70th anniversary of the NHS was a perfect opportunity to showcase some of the often unseen work done ‘behind the scenes’, as well as on the front line, to contribute to the delivery of the high-quality care we provide on a day-to-day basis.

“Every member of staff has a different story to tell about how they came to work in the NHS, we have a member of staff who used to be professional footballer! We hope you enjoy listening to the stories as much as we did recording them - happy birthday NHS.”

The NHS’s 70th anniversary is an opportunity for us to thank the staff who have helped the Trust transform the health and wellbeing of the North East and beyond, and continue to provide healthcare at its very best.

All staff stories can be listened to on the ‘70 years, 70 stories’ website at:

To find out more about the NHS 70th anniversary, please visit:

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