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Director of communications and engagement, Caroline Docking presents Sarah Barker with a Personal Touch Award

Intensive care nurse awarded with a Personal Touch Award


Sarah Barker, a staff nurse on Ward 18 at the RVI, has been awarded with a Personal Touch Award for going above and beyond with the care and attention she gave to a patient’s children and family when they were visiting the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  

Outlined in the nomination, it said: “As well as exceptional nursing care for the patient she took time to arrange the children's visit, ensuring that it was as accommodating and friendly as possible.

“She removed all excess medical equipment from the cubicle, bought the children chocolates, provided them with a set of scrubs each with a theatre cap and mask and name badges. After their visit Sarah provided them with colouring books and a teddy bear.”

Sarah went to the extra effort to ensure that the children were not frightened, especially as ICU can be an area of the hospital which is often daunting even for adults. 

The nomination also highlighted that this is the level of care and attention that Sarah gives to all of her patients: “Sarah never fails to treat people as she would like her own family and friends to be treated. An excellent nurse who goes the extra mile, I am proud to work with her and she is an asset to the Ward 18 team.”

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