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Finance is part of everything the NHS does.

Our finance team are a talented, passionate team of people, committed to providing the best care and treatment to patients using data to understand where money can best be invested to have the greatest impact. Ensuring those who are providing front-line clinical care are paid on time and have access to the medicines and equipment they need to provide the best levels of care.

There are several routes into NHS finance and once in, all individuals can access support to work towards professional qualifications. We offer opportunities from apprenticeships through to Graduate training schemes with development opportunities available to support you in achieving career goals.

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Consider some of the options below

If you think you would enjoy a technical accounting role, consider:

• Accountancy Assistant

• Debtors Clerk

• Finance Assistant

• Income Accountant

If you think you would enjoy working with clinicians to support development of service and quality of patient care, think about:

• Directorate Finance Manager

• Management Accountant

• Assistant Accountant

• Finance Business Partner

If you think you would prefer to work in a wider strategic role, consider:

• Chief Finance Officer 

• Deputy Finance Director

• Assistant Finance Director

Other roles associated with our finance team include:

• Counter Fraud office   

• Charity Finance Officer

For further information on careers within NHS finance see:

Our Roles

Technical Accounting

Service and Quality Patient Care Support

Strategic Role

Other Finance Roles

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